Suchness Journey

Inspired by tall trees, beautiful mountains, the magic of the ocean, the serenity of lakes and life itself; I express myself through jewellery, I Handstamp all pieces with much care and love, hoping those who wear it feels how special they are.
I use quotes and words that inspire me with the intention of giving little reminders to the receiver.
Life is wonderful, but it can be tough if we don’t remind ourselves to keep looking at the ‘little things’, to be present; and that is what Suchness means: “Here and Now”, isn’t this the key for happiness?!
I just want to make pieces that tell stories, reminds you of special moments, of how amazing and capable you are!
I am also very interested in Mental Health and this is something I try to promote in my social media through quotes, images, and videos of my adventures (Nature is my healer).
Come and join me, let’s explore the wonder of life together!

“There is so much beauty in the world if people would just take a moment to look at it”. 💚