Star Charms.

Star Charms.


These are a lovely addition.

Mixed metals or on their own. With Initial or plain <3

Flat Star Charms measures approximately: 10mm  


Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver 18k Rose Gold Plated Charm.

Sterling Silver 24k Gold Plated Charm.


  • Care Instructions

    To keep this item in optimal condition:

    Everyday maintenance of gold filled jewellery:

    • Take off your gold filled jewellery at night and before you pop it on your bedside table give it it a gentle rub with an absorbent soft cotton cloth.
    • If you've been to the gym or at the beach then rinse your gold filled jewellery in warm water and then dry it with the same absorbent soft cloth.

    What causes gold filled jewellery to tarnish?

    • Swimming pools and hot tubs... just don't do it! The chemicals used are harsh and will damage your gold filled jewellery. If you wear it accidentally clean it thoroughly as soon as possible, see below!
    • Working out... getting sweaty at the gym is not advised whilst wearing your jewellery; take it off!
    • Cosmetics, cosmetics remover and sun lotion... Put your jewellery on last and take it off first. If you have a day at the beach and your jewellery ends up covered in sunscreen then give it a good scrub as soon as possible!
  • Return Policy

    As our handstamped pieces are custom made we do not accept returns. 

  • Important info.

    Please double check what you have added on the Custom box and make sure its the right spelling as I will stamp on your piece whatever you have added it. Thanks! <3

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